Natural Healing

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  Over the last decade, significant advances in Regenerative Medicine have led to a greater understanding of healing.  This knowledge allows us to stimulate healing using your own stem cells and other orthobiologics.  The new science of Regenerative Medicine supports and enhances your body’s natural abilities in ways never before thought possible.


More and more scientific articles are published each year demonstrating the effectiveness of Regenerative Medicine.  For example, there is now validated scientific evidence that platelet rich plasma is more effective than surgery for certain forms of tennis elbow, lower back pain, and knee osteoarthritis.  More importantly, our patients have shared their life-changing results with us every day.


Scientific studies have demonstrated the safety of using your own cells to treat many different kinds of orthopedic conditions.  Unlike prescription medications, Regenerative Medicine therapies do not cause side effects or allergic reactions.  Unlike surgery, we do not disrupt healthy tissue which minimizes the risk of injury or infection.

Actual Healing, Not Just Pain Relief

Many traditional forms of medical care simply mask pain.  Regenerative Medicine actually leads to healing.  Once the injury is healed and rehabilitated, no further treatment is necessary.

More Comfortable than Other Forms of Treatment

Most Regenerative Medicine treatments involve office based procedures and do not require anesthesia.  To minimize discomfort we use local anesthesia and, rarely, mild sedatives.  Our doctors are experts in interventional procedures and can perform your treatment quickly and comfortably.

Evidence Based Therapy

Researchers are making new discoveries every week.  But those advances don’t always translate into clinical solutions.  Our physicians are knowledgeable in the field of Regenerative Medicine and do not leap recklessly to offer unproven treatments.  We only offer medical treatments that are deemed safe and effective.

Faster Recovery

Many professional athletes have turned to Regenerative Medicine therapy as a way to quickly recover from a sports injury.  Unlike surgery which may require  several months to completely recover, Regenerative Medicine treatments require only a few days of down time.

Safe to Repeat

Corticosteroid injections and surgery can result in difficulties when repeated.  Most patients improve from a single Regenerative Medicine treatment, however it is safe to repeat if necessary.

Saves Time and Money

Regenerative Medicine therapies are cost effective and save time.  Most of our patients have alreadly tried multiple forms of other treatments such as chiropractice care, physical therapy or surgery.  These forms of therapy can be time consuming and expensive.  After a Regenerative Medicine physician has made an accurate diagnosis, treatment often results in resolution of the problem without the need for additional costly therapies.

Real Hope

Regenerative Medicine therapy fills a critical gap in the conventional medical model.  Many patients have not responded to conservative care, but are not candidates for surgical care either.  In the past, these patients were told to “just live with the pain”.  Regenerative Medicine therapy has offerred new solutions and real hope for these patients.

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