Interventional Spine Procedures

Over the last two decades, fluoroscopic guided procedures have become one the most important technical advances for the management of spine and joint injuries. By using real time digital x-ray your physician can inject medications with high precision, speed and comfort. These non-surgical treatments result in less downtime and a more rapid recovery than surgery.

Some common forms of fluoroscopic guided procedures include:

  • Epidural injection for treating the nerves of the spine
  • Facet joint injection for treating joints of the spine
  • Discography for treating discs of the spine
  • Sacroiliac joint injection for treating joints in the pelvis
  • Hip joint injection
  • Shoulder joint injection

Epidural steroid injections are a commonly performed procedure. Last year more than 9 million epidural steroid injections were performed in the United States alone.

Dr. Christopher Rogers and Dr. Mary Ambach have performed tens of thousands of fluoroscopic-guided procedures since their completion of an interventional sports and spine fellowship in 1997 and 2007, respectively. He has trained hundreds of physicians in the science and art of these procedures. The vast majority of these procedures have utilized steroids to successfully decrease inflammation and pain. However, all too often, the relief is temporary. With the advent of Regenerative Medicine, we use the same time tested fluoroscopic guided procedures to deliver cells and other orthobiologics that have greater potential for permanent healing and long lasting relief.

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