Medical Consultations

Regenerative Medicine Consultations

Your health is our number one priority. It is important for us to meet with you in person to fully assess all your orthopedic needs to ensure that we create the best possible treatment plan for you.

The path to recovery begins with a consultation with a Regenerative Medicine physician.
At your visit we will perform a comprehensive review of all your symptoms, medical history, medications, response to previous treatments, personal preferences and goals.

We will perform a complete physical examination including a biomechanical analysis. If you have had any imaging studies such as x-ray, MRI, or diagnostic ultrasound, these will be reviewed and explained. Additional tests will be considered if they contribute to establishing the diagnosis.

The Regenerative Medicine consultation expedites recovery and results in less wasted time and effort. After your consultation, we will discuss the benefits and risks of all treatment options allowing you to make an informed decision. By taking the time to fully examine your orthopedic condition we achieve the best results possible.

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