Rated Best New Technology in Sports Medicine: Lipogems

Rated Best New Technology in Sports Medicine: Lipogems

Do you suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning due to a soft tissue defect in the tendon, ligament, muscle or cartilage? Have treatment options, such as physical therapy, medications or steroid injections, not provided permanent relief for you? You may want to consider Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical procedure.

What is Lipogems Treatment?

Lipogems® is a disposable, single-use, FDA approved device for processing and same-day injection of fat tissue. It’s a non-expanded and micro-fractured autologous fat tissue product for treating joint and tendon injuries. This cutting-edge technology uses your body’s own fat tissue to cushion and support areas of injury or damage as your body heals itself. The fat tissue can be removed from the abdomen or thigh areas. This tissue is then precisely injected into the patient’s injured areas with the use of ultrasound or X-ray guidance.

Lipogems has now been successfully performed in more than 8,000 clinical cases globally, and we’re pleased to have been the first medical center in San Diego to offer this revolutionary regenerative medicine therapy.

Benefits of Lipogems

  • Mesenchymal stem cells require support from other cells and proteins to exert their healing benefits. Unlike other so-called “stem cell” treatments, the unique advantage of Lipogems® is that the complete healing environment of the fat tissue is captured, carefully processed, and then precisely injected. This improves cell viability and regenerative capacity.
  • Unlike steroid or gel injections, the tissue will stay in the treated area for years allowing your body to maximize the benefits for an extended period of time.
  • The Lipogems procedure can be performed in less than one to two hours in an outpatient clinical setting.
  • Due to their innovation, Lipogems was awarded Best New Technology in Sports Medicine in 2016 by leading sports medicine physicians.

How quickly will you see results?

Seeing improvements following the Lipogems® procedure typically depends on your age, degree of injury and overall health. Some of our patients note improvement the day following the procedure, while other people may take up to 2-3 months to see improvement. More than 90% of our patients have seen significant improvement in less than 3 months.

Patients undergoing the Lipogems procedure at our clinic undergo a strict screening procedure to assure that they are very good candidates for the treatment. We have been tracking our outcomes for more than 15 months. At this time, more than 90% of our patients have seen significant relief with the treatment, often being able to resume normal, pain-free physical activity. This has led them to improve their fitness, lose weight and improve the quality of their lives in a meaningful way. If you think you can benefit from Lipogems treatment, call us today at 760-483-9060.


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