ASK THE DOCS: Facebook Live Series

ASK THE DOCS: Facebook Live Series


Facebook Live Series

When: Every 1st Wednesday of the month at 12:30 PT

What: Live Question and Answer session with Regenerative Experts

Rotator Cuff Tendon Tear and Tendinopathy

Join us on January 6, 2021 at 12:30pm PT for our Free Facebook Live Series called Ask the Docs. In this session, SDOMG physician experts will answer your questions on this common shoulder problem and non-surgical options to treat it.

Successful PRP Injections with Dr. Rogers

Successful PRP Injections with Dr. Rogers

A patient of Dr. Christopher Rogers, Kristi Plume, has had successful PRP injections for two separate injuries. A torn rotator cuff was healed within 2 months of receiving the injection, by healing the tendon. Within 2-3 after the injection, Ms. Plume was pain free and able to resume full use of her shoulder and arm. 

Only months later, Ms. Plume underwent PRP injections to treat osteoarthritis in both of her knees. The injections allowed her to get back to doing what she loves:

I’ve received PRP treatments from Dr. Rogers twice now for 2 different injuries. The first injury, a torn rotator cuff, completely healed within 2 months of receiving the PRP injection. It was quite fascinating to see the “before” and “after” ultrasound pictures, whereas the “before” showed a moderate tear and the “after” showed nothing but a healed tendon. Moreover, I was pain free and able to resume use of my shoulder/arm within 2-3 weeks from the date of the procedure. The first procedure was so successful, I underwent a PRP procedure again a few months ago for osteoarthritis in both of my knees. The PRP treatments have quite literally changed my life by allowing me to return to the active lifestyle I’ve always enjoyed. In addition, I avoided costly surgery, long-recovery times, and permanent, long-term pain and discomfort. I have full use of both my shoulder and knees without pain or discomfort. Dr. Rogers has a flawless bedside manner and he and his team of professionals deliver first class service to make their patients feel truly cared about. I cannot recommend San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group enough.

Kristi Plume has use of her shoulders and knees without any pain or discomfort. 


Patient Success Story | Shoulder Pain Treated with the PRP Procedure by Dr. Ambach

Patient Success Story | Shoulder Pain Treated with the PRP Procedure by Dr. Ambach

Nancy is an active woman in her 50s who suffered from shoulder pain after undergoing rotator cuff surgery. Dr Ambach treated her with Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) and now Nancy has full range of motion and is living pain free!

I spent year dealing with chronic pain and flair ups. The PRP with Dr. Ambach and then my work with Megan at Evolve Physical Therapy has been life changing.

Shoulder Pain Success Story:


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