FREE Webinar: Non-Surgical Management of Knee Pain

FREE Webinar: Non-Surgical Management of Knee Pain

A FREE webinar was held on July 18, 2023 on Non-Surgical Management of Knee Pain

Orthopedic Experts, Drs. Rogers and Ambach discussed how non-surgical, cell-based therapies can be used to treat your knee pain.

Dr. Christopher Rogers is one of the world’s leading experts in orthopedic regenerative medicine and a renowned speaker at national medical conferences. He has developed new approaches for the treatment of tendon injuries, osteoarthritis and disc degeneration which provide a safe and viable alternative to surgery.

Dr. Mary Ambach Is a key thought leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine. She conducts research, trains physicians and lectures at international medical conferences. She specializes in non-surgical orthopedics, regenerative therapies and creating personalized treatments approaches that provide healing and long term benefits.

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Regenerative Treatments for Knee Osteoarthritis

Regenerative Treatments for Knee Osteoarthritis

Patients who suffer with pain, stiffness or swelling caused by knee osteoarthritis are often concerned that they may ultimately need joint replacement surgery.  The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) has reported that more than 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States.

Knee replacement is a major surgery and requires prolonged rehabilitation. The good news for patients with knee osteoarthritis is that advances in regenerative medicine are offering hope for an improved quality of life without the risks associated with surgery.  Recent studies show that 98% percent of patients would like to learn more about these innovative treatment options.  However fewer than 50% of surgeons ever discussed these non-surgical alternatives with their patients.

By using the unique healing qualities of your own cells, regenerative treatments can stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and decrease pain.  Some of these therapies may even prevent the progression of knee arthritis.

San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group offers a number of regenerative medicine options for patients with knee osteoarthritis. 

Regenerative Options for Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy selectively concentrates platelets, plasma and other substances found in the blood to create a customized healing treatment that specifically targets knee joint arthritis.
  • Plasma Rich Growth Factor (ENDORET PRGF®) creates a more rapid and natural healing response by using proteins in your blood to facilitate a balanced release of growth factors essential for healing.
  • Autologous Fat Tissue Products (Lipogems®) enables regenerative cells (such as stem cells) within your own fat tissue to work together and repair, reconstruct and replace damaged or injured tissues.
  • Bone Marrow Aspiration Concentrate (BMAC) utilizes regenerative cells that are contained within your own bone marrow. The marrow contains a rich reservoir of “pluripotent” stem cells to stimulate your body’s ability to improve circulation, decrease inflammation and regenerate tissues.
  • Master Protease Inhibitor (A2M) uses a natural substance found in your blood (Alpha 2 Macroglobulin) to stop the progression of joint degeneration and improve pain and inflammation in arthritic joints.

These minimally-invasive treatments are performed using advanced image guidance such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy (digital x-ray). They are performed on an out-patient basis and do not require anesthesia.  Unlike surgery, they do not demand a lengthy recovery time or extensive physical therapy following treatment.

Patients who suffer with knee pain will benefit from a consult with a practitioner who is experienced in diagnosing and treating orthopedic conditions so they can review all their options before considering unnecessary joint replacement surgery.

Drs. Christopher J. Rogers and Mary A. Ambach have extensive experience in the treatment of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. They are recognized experts and leaders in the field of regenerative medicine and were the first providers in the San Diego area to offer some of these advanced medical treatments.

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