I am a 67-year-old professional aerial artist who competes internationally. I sought the services of Dr. Rogers over 2 1/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left hip. Years of gymnastics training and competing on hard floors had caused major trauma to my landing leg and I was told that I needed a hip replacement. I had pain when walking and often had trouble sleeping due to hip pain that radiated down my leg. After my first PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, the nightly pain stopped immediately and the waking pain was mitigated. I had two more treatments of PRP and found improvement with each one. When I had my last PRP in my hip he also did an injection in my right shoulder which had a 5mm tear in my Supraspinatus that wouldn’t heal. Within several days the shoulder was completely pain free and has never given me a problem again. Since I have been under the care of Dr. Rogers, I won my 4th and 5th World Championships and have traveled world-wide performing, teaching master classes and holding inspirational speaking engagements. I could have never done this without him. If you are experiencing similar health issues I would suggest that do your research regarding PRP or Stem Cell injections and get the treatment as soon as possible. If I had acted sooner I believe my hip would not have degenerated to the extent it had prior to Dr. Rogers treatment. I am immensely grateful that my hip has stabilized and I rarely need ibuprofen for pain. My plan is to have one more treatment using stem cells from my bone marrow which will facilitate more healing. Aside from being world renowned expert in his field, Dr. Rogers has the most caring and nurturing bedside manner of any physician that I have ever seen. He takes his time with every patient, which optimizes his results. His facility is state of the art and his team, which includes the guru of physical therapy Dr. Neil McKenna, is unparalleled. I Highly recommend their services! Greta Pontarelli

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