Dr. Rogers’ staff are all so lovely and welcoming! Dr. Rogers is absolutely amazing!!!! He was so open and “present” with Gavin and really, really thorough. We never felt rushed to tell our story. He really included me in the whole process of figuring out the mystery of Gavin’s ankle. I learned so much as I have never seen a doctor diagnose an injury using ultrasound. Felt like I was at a PT course and earned CEU’s. He said this is the first time he has had an FHL tenosynovitis with Os Trigonum impingement. He will do the PRP injection next Tuesday in Gavin’s ankle! And get this, he is coming in on his off day to do it!!! Sooooo GRATEFUL beyond words to him, his staff & YOU! My PT treatments weren’t going to help this. The 3 doctors at Children’s had no clue! Dr. Rogers & you are who will get Gavin back to playing and we are in your debt!

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