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  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Meniscus tears

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Advanced Knee Arthritis Treatment

Dr. Christopher Rogers and an international team of Regenerative Medicine physicians have just published the largest study of adipose-derived cell therapy for patients with knee osteoarthritis.  Patients with an average age of 70 years and moderately severe arthritis received an innovative treatment that consisted of a single injection of their own cells.

All patients were hoping to avoid knee replacement surgery.  At a minimum follow-up time of 24 months, 88.3% of the patients significantly improved their pain, function, and quality of life.  91.3% of the patients were able to avoid knee surgery.

The treatment was shown to be safe and cost-effective without the serious side effects or complications associated with surgery.”

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Comprehensive Solutions For Less Pain And A Better Life.

San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group provides the most comprehensive treatment options currently available in San Diego. We believe that each patient is unique and deliver customized care designed to produce outstanding results. Our team of world-class physicians combine the best of traditional orthopedic care with innovative regenerative medicine therapies.

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